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3 Junior Firestarters

Lakestate Industries

3 Junior Firestarters

$ 2.00

Made of 100% recycled materials, these are Lakestate's most popular product! - Pack of Firestarters. We offer 3 juniors with a box of matches.

They work great to start your campfire, grill, sauna, fireplace or portable firepit, eh! Firestarters are a "must have" for the outdoor enthusiast. Just place da fire starter under da wood or items to burn, light one end of da fire starter until shredded paper begins to burn. Will burn just "bout 15 to 20 minutes. Holy Wah!! Also available are Yooper Junior Fire Starters.

All Yooper Firestarters are produced and packaged by Lakestate Industries' trainees and employees.

One more thing please don't let children play with these. Fire starters are NOT a toy.


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