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Community-Based Services

As part of our Work Training and Job Placement, we have developed many community-based training sites. Work Training helps develop employable work skills, as an individual is exposed to more work opportunities, they will also develop more work skills to bring with them to an employment site.

We base many of our work opportunities in the community in order for our employees to experience working alongside of individuals without barriers to employment. We have developed Mobile Crews and it has many benefits.

Mobile Crews

While Mobile Crews are also community based, they are a little unique in their setup. A Mobile Crew is a small group of workers who go out to a job site with a supervisor for a short time, usually no more than an hour or two. Sometimes the crew will go to multiple job sites in the same day. For example, Lakestate Industries will send a crew to Gardens of Rest to complete some janitorial duties, when these are completed, they may go to Willow Creek Professional Building to complete janitorial or grounds keeping duties. This flexibility and variety not only are good training for workers, but it provides a great advantage to the employers in the community, who need Lakestate to flex their work schedules.

These work opportunities are used to prepare them for their next step - community employment.  Each person is looked at individually, and their needs, to develop the work skills necessary to reach their highest level of employment and community inclusion.

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