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The Upper Peninsula's Leader in Employment and Training

Lakestate Industries is a private, non-profit agency that serves people in our community with intellectual disabilities to enhance their lives and the lives of the families who love them.

Founded in 1969, Lakestate began as an outgrowth of a parents group concerned with the lack of opportunities available for people with disabilities. Thus, Lakestate's focus has been giving persons with disabilities the opportunity to experience the rewards of working for "real pay" while removing barriers to employment and promoting community inclusion.

Lakestate Industries provides vocational career exploration, job development, work training and job services to adult and student populations. We provide contracted services to businesses that make a significant impact on our community.

Lakestate Industries is a 501(C)(3) agency.


100% of your generous donation goes directly to help people with disabilities become independent, productive members in our community. Lakestate Industries wants to ensure they will be able to provide vocational services for persons with barriers to employment (people with cognitive, emotional, and/or physical disabilities) long into the future. See About Us for more donation information.

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